Benefits and Features

Help your staff get to work on time

Let's face it - some people have a hard time waking up and getting to work on time. If your organization is like many others, you may have a problem with employee tardiness. Have you offered your employees a solution? A corporate wake up call service is a great way to help your employees wake up and get to work on time.

Spice up your benefits package

In addition to improving your current staff’s impression of their employer, supplementing your benefits package can be a great way to attract new talent to your organization. Help your organization stand out from the crowd as an employer of choice by adding Snoozester’s Corporate Wake Up Call Service to your employee benefits package.

Simple Administration

Snoozester’s Corporate Wake Up Call Service comes with a simple, web-based administration tool. Administrators can log in to the administration tool to invite employees to register for an account, remove old accounts and keep track of the number of accounts in use.

Easy to Use

Snoozester’s Corporate Wake Up Call Service is built upon the same easy-to-use web-based interface as our popular consumer wake up call service. We designed this interface to be as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible. Your participating employees simply follow the instructions in their invitation email to setup their accounts, add and verify their phone numbers, then they can start scheduling wake up calls online and receiving them on their phones.


Snoozester’s Corporate Wake Up Call Service allows you to buy just what you need. Don’t pay any more and don’t settle for anything less. Simply pay a quarterly subscription fee for each participating employee. You can get started for a little as $120 per month (or $360 per quarter) for up to ten participating employees. See our pricing section for more information.

No Additional Hardware or Software Required

Snoozester hosts all of the hardware and software required for your organization to provide employees with a wake up call service. Employees can access the service from any computer connected to the internet, they won’t need to be in the office or connected to your corporate network. As long as your employees have access to the internet, your organization’s I.T. department won’t even need to be involved.


Your corporate wake up call service will be customized for your organization. Your organization will have a unique login page just for your employees. You can also brand the service with your company's logo and record custom prompts for the wake up calls; after all, there’s nothing better than a call from “the boss” to help get someone out of bed and in to work on time.

Advanced Features

Each wake up call comes with numerous options and features, including:
  • A Snooze Button – Wake up calls can be “snoozed” for ten minutes by answering the call and pressing the [2] key on the telephone keypad.
  • One Time or Repeating – Each wake up call can be set up as a one time call or as a repeating call with a custom repetition schedule.
  • EasyAwake and SecureAwake – Each wake up call can be scheduled as EasyAwake (for light sleepers) or SecureAwake (for heavy sleepers). EasyAwake calls will only be attempted once; SecureAwake calls will be attempted up to three times, every five minutes unless the phone is answered and the [1] key on the telephone keypad is pressed.

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