How It Works

1. Sign Up
Getting started couldn't be easier. First, your organization will need to establish an account with Snoozester. We'll need some basic information about your organization, but we promise won't require you to fill out a whole pile of lengthy forms. Next, we will ask you to designate at least one administrator from within your organization (usually someone from your HR department). The administrator will be responsible for inviting employees to use the system. You will also have the opportunity to customize the appearance of the wake up call system interface with your company's logo.

2. Use the Admin Center to Invite Staff
Now that you have an account with Snoozester and a designated administrator, you can begin inviting employees to start using your corporate wake up call service. The easy to use, web-based administration interface will allow your designated administrator to invite interested employees. The employees will each receive an email with instructions for signing in to the wake up call system. Each participating employee will have his or her own personal credentials for accessing the system, so employees won't be able to view or modify each other's stored phone numbers or scheduled wake up calls.

Admin Center Demo

3. Wake Up
The first time your employees sign in to the wake up call system, they will be prompted to add and verify their phone numbers. Each employee can have multiple phone numbers associated with his or her account (phone numbers can be U.S. or Canadian, landlines or mobile phones).  Once your employees have added and verified at least one phone number, they will be ready to start scheduling wake up calls. Your employees will have the option to schedule as many wake up calls as they need.

Using the Service Demo

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